Who we are and what drives us.

From climate enthusiasts to engineers and financial specialists, it’s all here.

We are united in our mission to make buildings more sustainable and profitable at the same time.


Who we are and what drives us.

From climate enthusiasts to engineers and financial specialists, it’s all here. We are united in our mission to make buildings more sustainable and profitable at the same time.

Our motivation

The Swiss mountains have changed since our childhood. Glaciers and moors are disappearing irretrievably. Globally, sea levels are rising, animal and plant species are disappearing, and entire regions are burning in fires. If we do not act immediately, climatic tipping points will soon be reached, after which global warming will be virtually unstoppable. Climate change is clearly one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. And we are the first generation to truly understand the magnitude and urgency of the problem – and the last to have a chance to do anything about it.

Our mission

We want to decarbonize the building sector as quickly as possible and make it climate-compatible, thus contributing to a sustainable and livable future. We are convinced that climate-compatible buildings will be the standard in the future – not only because they are sustainable, but also because they pay off financially. In the future, hardly anyone will want to buy or finance a 4°C building! With our solution, we make it possible to determine the climate impact of buildings and optimal 1.5°C-aligned strategies with just a single click.

Our team



For several years, Diego has been working on the question of how to make the building sector climate-compatible. Before founding Scandens, he worked as a project manager in a Swiss engineering company for 4 years. Diego holds a Master in Energy Science and Technology from ETH Zurich and is currently doing an online MBA for startup founders. In his free time he likes to play sports or read a good book.



Dominik has long been concerned with the kingdom of animals and plants and the future viability of our actions. Before founding Scandens, he worked in the banking industry and at a Zurich fintech for 8 years. During this time, he was involved with product innovation as well as expansion into Europe. Dominik holds a Bachelor of Science from ZHAW and an MBA. After work, he can usually be found at the hockey stadium and in the dojang. Besides Taekwondo, he often is in the mountains and tends to his balcony garden.



Kuba has been exploring the ways technology can foster sustainable development for a number of years. Before founding Scandens he held research positions at ETH Zurich and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he completed his academic studies in Energy Science and Building Technology. He also worked on decarbonization technologies both within academia and industry in Switzerland, the UK, Singapore and the US. In his free time he can often be found reading and sampling what food science has to offer, in his garden turning fruit seeds into plants or doing yoga at a park.


Software Engineer

Christian is interested in how technical innovations can contribute to solving current social problems. He has an academic background in engineering and applied mathematics and worked on data science projects at a startup and a large corporation during his studies. He is currently finishing his degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After work, he likes to be outside in good weather or read an interesting book.


Backend Lead

Jürg lives in a 2000-watt certified neighborhood. His interest in sustainable living led him to Scandens. Previously, he was responsible for implementing software solutions at a large company as well as in a startup in the leisure industry. He studied computer science part-time at the FHNW. He likes to spend his free time doing sports or immersing himself in a socially critical non-fiction book.

Our partner

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About Migros Pioneer Fund

The Migros Pioneer Fund looks for and supports ideas with social potential. It enables pioneering projects that break new ground and seek out forward-looking solutions. Its impact-oriented funding approach combines financial support with coaching services. The Migros Pioneer Fund is part of the Migros Group’s social commitment and is enabled by the Migros Group with around CHF 15 million annually. For further information: www.migros-pionierfonds.ch/en